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Orthodontic Services at DFK

Available at Several Locations

The American Association of Orthodontics suggests that a child’s first orthodontic exam occur by age 7, or earlier if a problem is noticed by the child’s parent or doctor.

Our North Hills, Monroeville and Cranberry PA offices have an orthodontist available several days a week to provide services to our patients. The first step in orthodontic treatment is a new patient examination. At this examination, initial judgments about the orthodontic problem are made and all possible solutions are discussed. Verifying the exact nature of the problem is a complex and precise process. Once our team identifies the issue and creates a solution that works for your family, our next step is to take "records" of the teeth, face and jaws.

The records appointment includes the following:

Plaster models that duplicate the teeth and surrounding structures are used to visualize the problems of tooth positions from all angles.

The position of the teeth has a significant influence on the posture and balance of the lips and face. The photos allow the orthodontist to consider the effects of various treatment options on facial esthetics.

Special X-rays are taken that allow the top and bottom jaws and facial bones to be studied.

Once all diagnostic materials are thoroughly evaluated, treatment goals are discussed and we can begin orthodontic treatment.

To schedule a complimentary initial visit, just contact any of our Pittsburgh area offices for the location most convenient for you and your family.