Restorative, Cosmetic, & Surgery

We offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative options!

Composite Fillings

Dentistry for Kids places composite (white) fillings on anterior and posterior teeth. When needed, we also place crowns on primary and permanent teeth. Sometimes when a large cavity is present it is also necessary to perform a pulpotomy (nerve treatment) prior to placing the filling. 

Cosmetic bonding and veneers

We provide cosmetic bonding and veneers to anterior teeth to replace missing tooth structure or to improve the esthetics of the teeth. Crowns also can be placed when circumstances dictate the need. Bleaching can be done to improve the smile.

Oral Surgery / Teeth Removal

Our team will extract primary and permanent teeth when needed. We also provide support for trauma involving the mouth including avulsed (knocked out), loosened and fractured teeth.